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15W Wireless Charger Floding Mobile Phone Charger Dock With Phone Holders Desktop Phone Charging Pads Folding Charging Holder

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    *Built in fast charging chip, intelligent recognition mobile phone model matching exclusive fast charging mode, fast charging safe and stable without damaging the machine.

    *It’s wireless charging and mobile phone holder. Charging and entertainment can be carried out at the same time.

    *A bracket, unlock three charging positions, can lie, stand and horizontal.

    *Put down to charge, pick up to stop, say goodbye to the cable.

    *Cooling hole design, fast charging does not burn, there are multiple cooling holes behind the charging board, heat is not easy to accumulate, efficient cooling.

    *When the sensing distance is less than or equal to 8mm, it does not need to be shelled, and it can be charged when it is put down.

    *When the mobile phone is full, it will automatically stop the fast charging function and switch to trickle mode to reduce the battery loss and protect the mobile phone battery safely and effectively.

    matters needing attention:

    1. Please do not soak the product, and pay attention to isolate the liquid

    2. Ambient temperature 0 ~ 45 ℃

    3. Please disconnect the power supply when cleaning

    4. This product is only suitable for mobile phones with wireless charging function! Mobile phones that are not supported need to purchase additional wireless acceptance stickers!


    Input parameter: 9 (V)

    Output parameter: 9 (V)

    Charging current: 1500 (MA)

    Battery type: Ni MH battery

    Indication function: with indication function

    Interface: USB

    Color: 15W black, 15W white

    Package Included:

    1*wireless charger

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