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5374Mbps Wi-Fi 6E PCIe Wireless Network Card 5G/6Ghz WiFi Adapter Bluetooth 5.3 PCI Express 802.11AX Intel AX210 WiFi Card PC

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  • Description

    WiFi 6E (11AX) PCIe Card | 1024QAM | OFDMA | MU-MIMO | 5dBi High Gain Antennas

    • WiFi 6E Technology: The wifi 6E AX210 (Gig+) adapter is designed to support upcoming wifi 6E technology and related wifi alliance wifi 6E certification. The product supports dual-stream wif in the 2.4GHz, 5GHz and 6GHz bands, and includes improved TCP throughput— exceeding 2Gbps—and future wifi 6 R2 features, including UL MU- MIMO that improves UL network capacity in dense environments. These new features maximize the benefits of wifi 6, including Gigabit speed, ultra-low latencies, and enhanced reliability benefits across new radio frequencies exclusive to wifi6E devices, and deliver a significant improvement in user experience in dense deployments.

    • MU-MIMO and 160MHz Channels for Better Experience: MU-MIMO effectively improves signal gain when multiple users are sending and receiving at the same time. Deliver from 80 MHz to 160 MHz, double throughput, ultra-low latency and uninterrupted connectivity.

    • BT 5.3 for TWS Earbuds: BT 5.3 includes Isochronous Channel feature which lays the foundation for the implementation of next generation of BT Audio – Low Energy Audio. BT 5.3 provides 4x Range over BT 4.2, doubles the transmit speed for faster transmissions thereby reducing the overall power. Idea for BT TWS Earbuds, headset, Keyboard, Mouse and others for more conveniences and demands with this wifi6E PCIe Wireless Adapter for PC and Desktop.

    • Compatibility: The wifi 6E adapter works with all current wifi routers and backward compatible with 802.11a/b/g/n/ac wifi standards. Compatible with Windows 10/11 64-bit. Supports all PCIe standard, PCIe X1 slot has the best compatibility.(Please note that to utilize 6GHz band, the user must have Windows 11 or upgrade to Windows 10 Dev version)

    Bluetooth 5.3 Technolog

    Upgrade Your PC with Bluetooth 5.3

    Turns your PC Bluetooth-compatible with advanced Bluetooth 5.3 technology, achieving 2.5× faster speeds and 10× more packet capacity than Bluetooth 4.2.

    Note: Do not install the bluetooth cable to the 4-pin 12V fan power connector on the motherboard, this operation will damage the network card.

    WPA3 Advanced Security

    WPA3 Security

    The latest WiFi security protocol, WPA3, brings new capabilities to improve cybersecurity. More secure encryption in WiFi password safety and enhanced protection against brute-force attacks combine to safeguard your home network.

    MU-MIMO Wireless TechnologyNext-level WiFi Reception

    Intel AX210S brings your PC’s WiFi reception to the next level with the combination of OFDMA and MU-MIMO. This ensures the efficiency of your desktop PC’s WiFi connection by allowing more devices to communicate with your router simultaneously rather than waiting in turn for data.

    Q1: Can multiple bluetooth devices be connected at one time?

    A1: Multiple Bluetooth devices can be connected at the same time,
    for example, multiple wireless Bluetooth devices such as mouse,
    keyboard, Bluetooth headset, etc. can be connected at the same time.

    Q2: Compatible with AMD platform?

    A2: Compatible, not dependent on platform manufacturer

    Q3: For Linux system?

    A3: It is compatible with Windows 10/11(64bit), Linux operating system.
    You will search Intel or Realtek’s site

    Q4: The Bluetooth function does not work, what should I do?

    A4: Please connect the USB 9-pin cable (black) included in the package to the
    USB 9-pin interface on the motherboard. The white end connects to the pcie
    network card adapter socket. Then install the bluetooth driver.

    Q5: What is the compatibility of the network card?

    A5: Compatible with all PCIe standards. Standard and low profile brackets to fit
    your different computer sizes. Download the driver from the Intel website by
    searching for “Intel AX210”.


    Q6: Bluetooth works fine, but no wifi?


    1. First, check whether the device wifi is recognized by the computer in the
    device manager. If there is a network controller with a yellow exclamation mark,
    please install the wifi driver. If the driver is already installed, a yellow warning
    will still be displayed. Please right-click, click Update, and select the driver file
    path to manually update.

    2. Check whether there is an M.2 hard disk on the motherboard, which may
    cause a hardware function conflict. The M.2 hardware in the parallel channel
    needs to be unplugged.

    3. Check that the antenna connection is secure.

    4. For some AMD motherboard computers, you may need to enter
    the BIOS to set some options of pcie. Set the PCIe speed to
    Gen3 (Auto, Gen 1, Gen 2, and Gen 3).

    5. If your desktop computer has built-in wifi function, please turn off the built-in
    wifi when using it on the desktop computer.

    Q7: The WiFi speed cannot reach 2400Mbps under 6GHz/5GHz?
    Unrecognized or wifi slow down after using for a while?


    1. It has nothing to do with the quality of this adapter when you can’t get maximum speed. Maximum wireless signal rates are the physical rates derived from IEEE Standard 802.11 specifications. Actual wireless data throughput and wireless coverage, and the number of connected devices is not guaranteed and will vary as a result of network conditions, AP limitations, and environmental factors, including building materials, obstacles, volume and density of traffic, and AP location.

    *Please note that 6GHz Wi-Fi is only available for Windows 11 or upgrading to Windows 10 Dev version; Speed up to 5GHz/6GHz-2400Mbps;(The router must support 802.11ax,160MHz)

    2. You can try different things by changing different pcie slots (pcie×16 available).

    Q8: The motherboard has built-in wifi, but wifi 5 is a bit slow,
    can I buy this to install and upgrade?

    A8: If your PC has an open PCI-E slot, you can use it to upgrade. When installing
    this adapter, you simply disable the built-in card.

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