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Baseus USB Bluetooth Adapter Dongle Adaptador Bluetooth 5.1 for PC Laptop Wireless Speaker Audio Receiver USB Transmitter

R173.67 R192.99
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  • Description

    Driver Installation Video
    1.Please confirm your computer system before use. Win7 and XP systems need to download drivers.If your computer system is Win8, Win10+, you do not need to install the driver.
    If you have any questions, please contact our customer service,
    including the downloaded driver files.
    2.Only supports WINDOWS system computer, not support Apple or other systems.
    3.Not support to use in the car.
    4.If the computer has Bluetooth, you need to disable the computer’s Bluetooth before you use the product.
    5.This product can only be used on the computer to connect to other devices. It can not be used directly on the TV.


    for Wireless Experience

    Wireless 5.1
    Wireless connection
    20m Stable transmission
    High compatibility

    Wireless 5.1 Fast Response

    Backwards compatible with

    wireless devices 4.0/4.1/4.2/5.0

    For Wireless Keyboards & Mouses

    Wireless connection for efficient work and

    flexible operation in games

    For Wireless Speakers

    Enjoying 3D audio effects anywhere

    For Wireless Earphones

    CD-like high-quality audio for music,

    online courses and voice communication

    For Phones & Laptops

    Transfers files instantly through wireless connection

    *Note : Apple phone does not support wireless data transfer , but wireless audio transfer.

    For Gamepads

    Responsive and smooth operation,

    Wireless connection tor games

    20m Barrier-free Transmission

    Signal enhancement for smooth

    wireless connection for the whole house

    Driver-free for Win8 and above

    Win 8 / 10 / 11 systems do not need to install the driver

    A Connection of

    7 Devices Simultaneously

    Compatible with multiple wireless devices to save USB ports

    Auto Memory Pairing

    Auto memory pairing enables automatic

    wireless connection after first pairing

    Clear Operation status

    Plugs the adaptor in with the blue indicator

    on indicating normal work

    Product Size

    The Packing Accessories

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