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HIBMS Smart bms Lifepo4 4S 12V Li-ion Bluetooth Battery 60A 100A Balancer Outdoor Power Bank Home Solar Storage Inverter RV

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    BMS With Bluetooth,Balancing,NTC
    Optional voltage range:12V
    Optional current range:30A 40A 60A 80A 100A 120A 150A 200A 250A

     Usage Scenario

    Used in RV energy storage,photovoltaic energy storage,home and outdoor energy storage,
    electric vehicles,tricycles,forklifts,tourist vehicles,golf cart etc.

     Support Customization

    Bulk orders can customize functions,parameters,logo.
    Support OEM
    Standard BMS, smart BMS all can be customized
    For details, please contact customer service

    WhatsApp:+86 18925760093
    WeChat:+86 18925760093

     How to choose the right BMS



    Mismatched BMS Consequences

    Lithium battery type

    BMS type and lithium battery type must be in
    one-to-one correspondence(Li-ion/Lifepo4)

    1、BMS damaged,even bms and battery burn out
    2、The battery cannot be fully charged and discharged

    Number of battery pack

    BMS strings and battery strings must be in
    one-to-one correspondence

    BMS and battery burn out

    Selection method
    in experience

    load maximum power÷(string number of battery×overdischarge voltage)×coefficient
    Depending on the battery usage scenario, the coefficient value is also different
    Please consult customer service for specific values


    Bluetooth function:You can monitor battery data in real time by connecting to the APP


    1、High-quality microelectronic components:precise and fast IC.Low resistance,high withstand voltage MOSFET.

    2、Through the Bluetooth APP, the battery data is constantly monitored.

    3、A variety of accessories,can easily control the data and modify the parameters.

    4、A variety of communication modes,data monitoring,alarm backtracking,data reading, and upgrade can be easily realized

    5、Thermal silica,accelerate the heat dissipation.Ensure the smooth operation of the battery.

    6、Preset interface,buckle cable,make the connection more convenient.

     Basic Functions

    Over-charging protection

    Over-discharging protection

    Over-current protection

    Temperature protection

    Disconnect protection

    Short Circuit Protection

    Balance Function

    Short Circuit protection recover

     Package Contains


    Bluetooth module*1pcs

    Temperature probe(NTC)*1pcs

    Balance cable *1pcs

    English manual *1pcs

     Optional accessories

    UART to USB cable

    Battery Capacity Indicator

    Touch screen LCD


    soft switch

    RS485 and CAN Communication

    key switch

    DO/I port for special needs

    Optional accessories, customized accessories must match the BMS model and be purchased at the same time.
    please contact customer service for details

     Balance cable connection


    Find the total positive and total negative of the battery pack.

    Find B-/P- of BMS

    Insert temperature probe (NTC) into the BMS


    Note: When soldering, the balance cable cannot be inserted into the BMS

    1、Connect the first string (black) of the balance cable to the total negative electrode of the battery, and the second string (red) to the positive           electrode of the first string of batteries.The third string (red) is connected to the positive terminal of the second string of batteries,and so on,         until the last string (red) is connected to the total positive terminal of the battery.Then check whether there is any cross in the balance cable         or false welding.

    2、After the balance cable is connected, do not insert the plug directly into the BMS.It is necessary to measure the voltage of the adjacent point         on the back of the plug. (Regular voltage range: Li-ion: 3.0-4.15V/Lifepo4: 2.5-3.6V) After confirming that the voltage is correct, insert the plug.

    3、Connect the B-(blue) of the BMS to the total negative of the battery.

    Voltage measurement

    measure whether the battery voltage(B+→B-)is consistent with the output voltage of the BMS(B+→P-).
    If the two voltage values are equal, it means that the BMS is working normally.

     APP Download

    Scan and download the Bluetooth APP

     BMS activation

    Method ①

    Press the activation button on the Bluetooth module

    Method ②

    Charge activation

     APP connection

    1、When connecting to the APP, you need to turn on the positioning and Bluetooth of the mobile phone

    2、Open the “SMARTBMS” APP, you can see the bluetooth serial number on the home page
    (this serial number is the same as on the bluetooth module), click and enter to view the battery data.

    3、Enter the battery capacity accurately, click “Setting”, enter the password 123456,
    refresh and the setting is successful

    4、The SOC adopts the ampere-hour integration algorithm. When the battery capacity is set correctly,
    after a complete charging and discharging process, the SOC is automatically calibrated


    1、BMS is a professional accessory. Misuse will cause damage. Please operate according to the instruction
    manual or tutorial video.

    2、BMS cannot be used in series or parallel

    3、BMS does not support the use of reduced string numbers

    4、BMS to work for a long time in an overloaded state is strictly forbidden

    5、Lithium batteries need a dedicated lithium battery charger,
    other chargers cannot be mixed to avoid BMS damage and other safety hazards

    6、BMS disassembled by the user,No warranty policy

    7、BMS is damaged due to unauthorized modification of parameters,No warranty policy

     Company introduction

          Dongguan HEYO Electronic Technology Co,Ltd located in Dongguan City,the world factory,a high-tech company engaged in BMS research and development, production and sales. It has a high-quality technical management team.

          Since its establishment.The company has adhered to professional theoretical knowledge, rigorous production attitude,international standard quality policy, and the same original service intention, only to create the best battery management system.

     About Logistics

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    If you want to receive the package faster,you can choose FedEx/DHL/UPS.

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