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MOES Bluetooth E27 9W Led Bulb Dimmable Smart Light lamp TUYA Bulbs Party Light Color Adjustable Dimmer Alexa google Voice

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  • Description

    MOES Smart Bluetooth Led Bulb Dimmable Light 9W E27 Bulbs Party Light Color Adjustable Dimmer Works With Alexa
    Main Features:

    1.Multiple Customized Scenes
    2.Outstanding energy efficiency
    3.Music Mode
    4.Timer Mode
    5.Adjustable brightness and color temp

    Package Listing:
    1 * Smart LED Light Bulb
    1 * User Manual

    Wide-range Color Temp
    Wide range of color temperature provides bright RGB colors for your home and plenty of good light.

    Adjustable brightness and color temp
    Through the MOES APP, you can adjust the brightness from 0% to 100% and color temperature from 2700K to 6500K. The gradual changes is friendly to your eyes, in case the uncomfort by quick changes.

    16 million colors to choose
    16 million colors of light can satisfy various needs. The romantic-atmosphere colorful light brings you a new experience of intelligent life.

    Intelligent Voice Control
    Activate and adjust the light via voice assistant such as Google Home and Alexa , to control the on/ off, color temp/brightness and etc, making you life easier by hands free.
    Note: Bluetoth gateway required for voice control 

    Multiple Customized Scenes
    6 life scenes with different brightness and darkness can be chosen individually. In each scene, you can enjoy light colors with a special atmosphere.

    Outstanding energy efficiency
    Wattage decides energy consumption while lumen decides brightness. Lower wattage  to save more energy, higher lumen to provide brighter light. Be your optimal choice for energy saving.

    Music Mode
    Interactive effects between sound and light: the light effects can be changed with the music melody, to specially create different atmosphere for you under different moods.
    Note: Please keep in music mode interface when using it. Android system supports background running while IOS system not.

    Timer Mode
    The bulb can be turned on or off according to a preset schedule, to help you build a healthy biological clock and be sober during the day while relax at night.

    No disturb from power cut
    With the “do not disturb” mode,When the power is cut and recover after a while, the light will not be auto-on unless the button is pressed twice within 5 seconds.
    Note: If the “do not disturb” mode is on/off successfully, the light will flash once and you can turn on the light only after flashing twice.


    1. Q: How to enter the pairing mode?
    A: After the light bulb is installed, after the power is cut off 5 times, enter Bluetooth distribution mode for the sixth time.
    2. Q: Is MOES APP the same as tuya smart life APP?
    A: Same. MOES APP is based on tuya smart life APP, which has more functions than tuya smart life APP, but both are based on graffiti technology.
    3. Q: What is the rhythm of music?
    A: By controlling the microphone radio of the device (mobile phone), the light will rhythm with the music, which is suitable for party parties (Note: When using this function, you must keep the music rhythm interface and cannot switch to other pages, and the iOS system does not support the background. Android system can run this function in the background, but the software must also Keep it on the rhythm interface.)
    4. Q: How to choose the appropriate color temperature?
    A: Usually 2700K-3000k, warm yellow light, warm, easy to look dim and can be used in the bedroom. The color temperature of 3000K to 5000k can be used in the living room. In the public area of the lamp, 5000K-6500K is cold light. Our ceiling lamp supports 2700K (cold)-6500K (warm), which can meet the needs of more usage scenarios.
    5. Q: What is the difference between CCT and CW?
    A: These two names are just different in control principles and methods, and they are functionally the same. They both control color temperature.
    6. Q: Does the higher the wattage mean that the brighter the brighter?
    A: The higher the lumens, the greater the brightness; the higher the wattage, the greater the power consumption. Our product is 23W, lumens 2300, and the light efficiency is up to 100W/LM, which is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
    7. Q: Can I control it remotely?
    A: If you want remote control, you need to use the MOES Bluetooth gateway.

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