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UGREEN USB Bluetooth 5.3 5.0 Dongle Adapter for PC Speaker Wireless Mouse Keyboard Music Audio Receiver Transmitter Bluetooth

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    Q: If your Bluetooth adapter does not work (there is a driver error problem), please use the following methods to solve it.
    A: Since Windows 10 system has Bluetooth function which is the “Intel(R) Wireless Bluetooth” in this image,
    So you need to right-click to disable the Bluetooth: “Intel(R) Wireless Bluetooth” and then re-plug our 5.3 Bluetooth adapter to try,
    If you have other questions, you can contact our online customer service to solve the problem.

    The USB bluetooth adapter can only be plugged into your desktop or laptop computer, and cannot be used on other devices such as a car.

    Before using the product, please disable the Bluetooth of the computer itself, and uninstall the existing Bluetooth driver of the computer, and then install the driver of this product.

    Bluetooth 5.3 Adapter

    Enjoy wireless life fastly

    Major Breakthroughs in Technology


    The latest Bluetooth 5.3 technology, optimizes the transmission delay and connection defect problems of the old Bluetooth 5.0

    Multiple Bluetooth Versions

    Bluetooth 5.3, backward compatible with 5.1/5.0/4.0 devices

    Diver-free for Win8.1 and Later

    Only use on Windows computer

    Save your USB Ports

    Connect 5 devices simultaneously

    Bluetooth Connection

    Enjoy wireless life

    Use for Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

    Enjoy wireless working and game

    Use for Data Tranfer

    Transfer file instantly via connection

    Up to 20M Transmission Distance

    Faster and more stable transfer

    Strict Safety Control

    Each UGREEN product has undergone layers of security testing and passed multiple international security

    Clear Indicative Status

    Keep lighting when it works

    Small & Anti-lost

    Product Specifications

    Package Display

    Q: My PC Can’t use this CD, how do I install the driver?

    A: If your PC does not have a CD driver, please kindly download the driver from UGREEN official website. it is for free.

    Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/4zocnlemhj3656g/Bluetooth_5.0_Adapter_Installation.rar/file

    Note: Before using the product, please disable the Bluetooth of the computer itself, and uninstall the existing Bluetooth driver of the computer, and then install the driver of this product

    Q: Does the Bluetooth dongle support TV?

    A: Sorry, this device will only work when plugged into supported Windows. Even though TVs, home theater equipment, and stereos have USB ports, they don’t have the necessary drivers to support this adapter.

    Q: Why do I get a driver error when I install the driver?

    A: Maybe the built-in Bluetooth on the computer causes a conflict. Please disable the previous Bluetooth first.

    Tips:Connect 5 devices wireless via Bluetooth 5.0 dongle at the same time, but music streams to only 1 audio device at a time.

    How do I install the driver for Windows?

    a. To install the driver, visit the UGREEN website, search “CM390” and download the driver in the “Support” section

    d. Open file “UB400_Driver.zip”, click through the following “Windows” file and click on “setup.exe” and finish the installation

    Q: Can the USB Bluetooth adapter connect to the same device at the same time, such as two earphones?


    A: No, you can connect 5 devices at the same time, but they must be different types of devices.

    Q: Does the USB Bluetooth adapter support voice calls?


    A: If your Bluetooth headset has a microphone function, it supports voice calls.


    Q: Can the USB adapter be connected to Gaming Controllers such as PS/XBOX?


    A: It only supports connected PS4, X BOX ONE S and later series Gaming Controllers. Bluetooth devices all have latency issues(Latency<250ms), If you need to connect game controller devices and have requirements for latency,

    We recommend that you use a wired connection or a dedicated 2.4g adapter to achieve ultra-low latency and stability .

    Q: Are BLE low-energy devices supported?

    A: It is not compatible with BLE low energy Bluetooth devices in the Win7 system, but can be supported by Win8.1 and later systems.

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